Provide the best services to your business.

Meet the companies that will help your business either by improving your presence, in the administrative management of human resources, or even by providing computer support, making sure that you get the best working conditions.


Need audio transcription services? WeScribe ensures accurate transcriptions made by the best transcribers.
Offer of 5% discount.

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Give your business the presentation and online presence it deserves. Invest in a modern website and bet on social networks.
Offer of 10% discount

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Olga Naia

Consult Olga Naia, a company specialized in supporting business management in the area of ​​accounting, taxation, administrative management and human resources.
Offer of 10% discount.

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Fator Volúvel

Solve all your computer problems, with Fator Volúvel, either through the collection and delivery of equipment or remote repair. Exclusive prices.
Exclusive prices for Parcerias com Valor.

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Enhance and personalize the lighting of a commercial space, home or office. Do a general overhaul of electrical installations and more.
Offer of 10% discount.

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Technological solutions and technical services for the areas of electronics (consumer and industrial), electronic security, video surveillance, information technology (personal and business), networks, digital signage, home automation and LED lighting.
Special discounts up to 15%.

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AD Services Provider

We provide services in Architecture, Engineering, construction monitoring, Graphic design, Web design among others. As URH partners, we have, for example, financial solutions for telecommunications, energy..
Special discounts up to 15%

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