Local accommodation


HOME Survey is a company for technical inspections of buildings that responds to the existing needs of the lack of knowledge of the real state of the building, allowing to anticipate pathologies, identify construction problems, identify the consumption of the building and propose sustainability measures that allow to reduce costs

We carry out complete diagnostics at the level of: thermal insulation (thermographic chamber) and acoustic insulation (sound level meter), electrical installations, telecommunications and ITED, Humidity (Humidity Probe), water, sewage networks (TV Probe) and fires, infiltrations, pathologies in general and finishes, condition and quality of the concrete (Sclerometer).

We also carry out air quality tests in confined spaces (eg garages) with the monitoring of N, CO and CO2 levels; fire safety projects and self-protection measures in accordance with the legislation.

Our reports can present a plan for the resolution of the pathologies detected, as well as providing a construction inspection service in order to ensure that the intervention carried out solved the detected pathology, and that unnecessary works are not carried out with more costs. We assist in the search for builders to carry out the work.