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Quinta da Patada

Quinta da Patada was born in 2011 with the aim of being a different Canine Hotel. We only have 25 individual boxes to be able to give due attention to all dogs. 

We offer a range of services that provide everything the owner and their faithful dog need – a restful vacation for you and the best vacation of your dog’s life!

Quinta da patada

At the school, for Dog Owners, owners have the opportunity to learn to interact correctly with their companions and to have fun with them.

In the daycare, we have a land of 10 000 m2 for your furry friend to be free all day, to run and play with other friends, always under the supervision of the monitors.

 We also have a Bath and Shearing service, with the option of picking up and delivering at home, and this year we inaugurated our Hotel for Cats

Escola para Cães

Satisfied customers and happy management for having arrived where we dreamed from the beginning – offering owners and especially their dog owners the best possible experience, as they deserve it!

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