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RedeVolt is an electricity security and security systems company that offers services such as maintenance, installation, remodeling and repair of electrical and computer networks, fire detection, audio and video intercom in commercial establishments, condominiums, homes and offices. This service is valid for remodeling companies, condominium management companies, private condominiums, private clients and business clients.

RedeVolt helps to improve, personalize and optimize the lighting of a commercial space, home or office, helps in the optimization and saving of energy and in everything that the client needs within our range of services. The budgets are detailed, when the client adjusts a job / service, they know exactly the material that will be used. If there is any change, the work in progress is always communicated to the customer. Honesty and transparency in budgets, in carrying out work and in communicating with customers.

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10% discount on travel, assembly and connection of varied material.



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